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Star Inn Surfboard Competition


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  • sign up on this page and learn how to participate
  • until 28 September, send the drawing of your surfboard
  • from 10 September to 30 September, manage to get the maximum number of votes on “VOTE HERE!
  • your drawing displayed on the surfboards on the hotel facade
  • win 3-night stays for 2 people
  • win 50€* per each surfboard sold

During the month of September, the Hotel Star inn Peniche is holding the SSC.2018 STAR INN SURFBOARD COMPETITION, a competition of surfboard drawings developed in partnership with Vulture Surfboards and Special Surf 78.

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Registrations are closed

SSC.2018 is a competition organised in partnership with Hotel Star inn Peniche, Vulture Surfboards and Special Surf 78 with the aim to support the local community through the manufacture of surfboards by a renowned local manufacturer (Vulture Surfboards), whose drawings are mostly delivered to authors residing at the municipality.

This is about 12 surfboards with different shapes, which will be displayed on the facade of the Hotel Star inn Peniche until the end of 2019, whose drawings will be chosen according to the “likes” on the applications that will be displayed on the album “VOTE HERE!…” and according to the votes of a jury associated to the SSC.2018.


On this page, by completing the requested form fields and by agreeing with the terms and the regulation of the competition, you submit your application to competition SSC.2018. Sign up.
The address replies to the address that you registered, thus validating your application, and sends the scale models for 6’4, 6’8, 7’0 and 9’0 surfboards, which will help you draw your proposal.


Between 1 Sept. and 28 Sept., you may send your drawings to You may submit more than one drawing and, if your drawings are considered valid to be submitted to the competition, you may have up to 2 winning drawings. The Jury shall accept up to 200 valid drawings for publication and evaluation.
The SSC.2018 Jury shall select the 12 drawings for display on the facade, by considering as a selection criterion the quality and originality, the commercial feasibility of the drawings submitted and the municipality of residence of the candidate. Unless we cannot gather enough quality drawings sent by authors residing at the Leiria municipality, the drawings of these Leiria municipality candidates shall represent a minimum of 7 of the winning surfboards, for whose evaluation contributed the votes on the album “VOTE HERE!…”.



Between 10 Sept. and 30 Sept., the drawings shall be published on the album “VOTE HERE!…”, within 3 working days at the maximum upon sending them to Each validated drawing shall be displayed with the reference that you received in the beginning and your name.

The sooner you send your drawings the sooner they will be published and the bigger the likelihood that you get more votes.
After you saw that your drawings were published, we suggest that you share your drawing with everyone you know, so that you get the highest number of votes. One “like” or one “love” on your drawing means one vote.
Votes close at 11:59 pm of 30 Sept.


During the first fortnight of October, the winners shall be announced on this page and on the Facebook page of the Hotel Star inn Peniche  and, during the month of October, we intend to finish painting the winning drawings on the facade of the Hotel Star inn Peniche, thus replacing the provisional decorations that are currently on the surfboards.

The winners are immediately awarded a voucher for a 3-day stay for 2 people, on half-board accommodation, according to hotel space-availability.
Above all, because the winning surfboards will continue to be manufactured and sold at the shop of Vulture Surfboards, you win an artist fee of 50€* for each surfboard sold with your drawing. Surfboards with the SSC.2018 winning drawings will be on sale until the end of 2019.

(*) amount with taxes included